Choosing our lives……

Is our dreams are decided by others…?throughout our life we may have faced unnecessary interfering from other’s to our  personal matters. Even we decided to study the course  may be decided by our parents. We choose to our choose our career based on our talents.

If a person reach at his/ her youth another question arises, that is when will  they got married? This individual must marry the  person in which the society shows. They don’t have the freedom to choose their partner or to stay single if the wanted.

We have the freedom to decide for ourselves. A person or a society without freedom is equal to dead.  Legally we have the freedom to choose our life but still tied up  with social norms. We have the freedom to live  our lives fully.

7 thoughts on “Choosing our lives……

    1. Thank you. But in most cases its decided by others. The course which should be preferred of our higher studies, which person person we get married?

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