Finding time to make myself happy

It has been so long i haven’t uploaded anything on my blog. It’s because of the technical error. All the that i have uploaded earlier was deleted because of this technical error.

I am a person who is interested in reading. I have to spend three hours for travelling to reach my office and to come back from there. I try spend for reading during this traveling time to office.

What I have realized through using this time for reading is we can chase some of our dreams and do the things that makes us happy if we use our time wisely. Not every dreams are achievable but some of our talents improved… if we are ready to utilize our time wisely.
The book i have read recently is,
Crime and punishment- Fydoor Dostoyevsky.

Everything i never told you- Ajay. K. Pandey and
Subtle art of not giving a fuck. Mark Mason.
All this books are very deep. Now I am waiting to new suggestions to read.

2 thoughts on “Finding time to make myself happy

  1. Hey buddy… how have you been?.. i cab say you’re so blessed that you have alot of patience to read not a book instead many. For a long time I’m looking for this patience in me so i could be able to build a reading habit…

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