Sometimes living in your memories will be the best experience. Memories shape your personality. Through recollecting your past,some incidents gives you happiness while others make little sad. I always love to live in memories. Because it keeps mind alive. Through recollecting my memories I can see my loved ones in which is separated by death.
It’s little bit exciting when we go through our past, certain people that gone through our or certain incidents happend in life all these things may changed our lives. I still remember my school days I am just an average student usually I don’t spend quality time for studies at when 10th grade can my marks were too low. I decided to stop my studies. My decision to stop my studies changed by a man in which I never seen before or after. His words gave me the confidence to continue my studies.

To me the life changing incident was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. This changed my life the days I spend in oncology ward. The people I have met from there from different age groups. I have seen kids coming to do their chemotherapy. I have seen people from religion, race and nationality All these experiences changed my attitude towards life. Memories,whether it’s negative or positive will change your attitude.

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