Problems have  something to teach us

What will expect from others when we are in trouble? It’s very  simple answer, if we are in  financial crisis we need financial help. If its other problems, our family or friends may have to  give sufficient support to solve this issue. Sometimes what we need is a person  just to  hear   our   problems without judging us and  giving mental  support. We will be peaceful after  sharing it.

To me, life was normal and happy  until  my mother was diagnosed with a chronic disease in 2014. It almost broke  my family. The treatment has gone for three years and she didn’t survived  this and expelled in 2017. During this time  and after her death, lot of people came forward  to help us.   What I have realized during this time was don’t judge anyone  negatively or positively. Because when we are in trouble  the people we judged negatively   may  come to help you. The people we judged postively may not come to  help. So it’s better to  not judge anyone. And expect anything from  anyone.

Don’t  believe  that you will get   the support from the people we have  helped  earlier. Sometimes it may from them  we are going to face  more painfull experience.

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