Second chance

We all have done some mistakes in life and regret about it. Most probably we think that we will not do it if we get a second chance. Sometimes we doing we are doing some mistakes unknowingly. Sometimes it’s because of some painful experiences we have gone through….

Before doing anything or saying anything we must think properly. Because we not get a second chance in life. We may have to repay with our life.

Sometimes I wished to get a second chances in life. I was person who seen life as a simple thing. I don’t given importance to my responsibilities in life. During my academic period I did not gave any importance to my studies. But now I regret about it and I think if i get a second chance..! But I am sure i will not get. I have lost my mother four years ago and I regret about not being a good son.

We are not sure that if get a second chance in life! Try to make your life more meaningful. Make decisions wisely. Because we are not sure if we chance again, even if we get it we may have to repay with our life. Now I am recollecting a dialogue from a movie; “some second chances are too costly.”

9 thoughts on “Second chance

  1. Never think that you have lost in life. Dont regret..
    Think posively.. then you can find the second chance.

    Dont be sad… May be your mom had the worlds best son And you had the best mom ever…

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