Sharing emotions without words.

How can we convey our emotions without words? Many of us have gone through the situations in which we cant express our emotions (whether it’s negative or positive) in words. What we do at that moment is to give a hug to your loved ones. If we are at a painful situation just go and hug parents, siblings or friends. It’s sure that it will reduce our pain. If we are at happy moment do it same. We can spread that happiness people around us.

I have realised the power of this act when my mother died. Some of friends just hugged me at that situation and I felt relaxed. We just shared our pain through that huge. It’s a communication of love without words.

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  1. There was a time i got hit with a soccer ball , i felt like i was about to faint someone just came and hugged me tightly and the pessure just disappeared

    Great post and may the HolySpirit continue to comfort you on the loss of your mother

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