The memories of school and college.

                        I don’t how many of us remember this days. Many of memories fades  from our mind when  time passes away because we are busy with our life. When I am sitting at my alone due lockdown.  I am trying to recollect all these memories.

I just recollected some incidents  from the school and college.  I was just thinking  that how  this school and college life changed me. During my early years of life  I was shy  or introverted person. When I started growing up it changed to little bit rebellious. Later i became more friendly person. Most of my friends who met me after long gap has told i have changed alot.

More than academic excellence what made my school and college days meaningful is the incidents that has happened during that time. Sometimes it may be moments that made laugh, sometimes it may be a little bit painful experience that made cry.

46 thoughts on “The memories of school and college.

          1. Nallathalleh…… orkkan eappozhum oronnu undaavuka.. ath paranju chirikkan orupaad per undaavuka eannokke paranjaal

          2. Oru luck ane. vishamam thonarude karanam pala friendsinta mukam polum orma kitunila. Life set akuna thirakil palaraum marannu poyitunde

          3. Athokke ee covidokke maareett oru get togetheril theerunna issue alleh ulluuuh….. worldil eavidaanelum eathra cheriya bendhamaanennu paranjaalum. Ee oru situation survive cheyyunna eallaaarum oodi eathum.. onnu kaanaanum mindaanum okke kothich..

          4. Palarum phone vilichitum what’s app chauthitupolum replay chaunila enita get togetherine varunathe….. rando moono paaroka ayita contact ullu avarayoka onu kananam. Bakiyoka enthakilum akata.

      1. Just wondering about the incidents you mention in the second and third paragraph. The moments that stick out in your memory. No pressure to share, though 😇

          1. I will definitely read. I have already gone through some of your contents. For it’s little bit difficult to understand your contents. Where you are from?

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