To understand the depth of relationship

To understand the depth of relationship

I think the most complicated thing that exists in this world is our relationship. Our life is surrounded with family, friends and other people. We believe that our relationship is strong, and they stand by whatever happens in life. We give everything to them to keep them close.

But the most painful reality is when you face problems in life the people you have loved or supported may not stand by you. This is little painful experiences for us. The first thing I wanted to say is the thought process of that person will different from you.

You can’t expect the same thing that you have given to them. Sometimes they may stand whatever happens in life. Sometimes they can’t understand your feelings and problems. Another thing is you should love the people and help them unconditionally. Expectation makes us more problems. Maybe the person you have helped during their problems may not in a situation to help you back or that person may have changed a lot because life is constant process of change so that person may be changed, positively or negatively.

At the same time, as we say, a coin has two sides. There will be an unexpected person to help you during your problems. Maybe you may have known this for years but kept a distance from this person because we don’t have like that person. But that will be there for you to understand you and help you.

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  1. All so true and this point, “because life is constant process of change so that person may be changed, positively or negatively,” reminds us that everyone is changing as time goes on which we cannot stop! So we try our best and pray for each other that our lives will change for the better on the inside; the heart and soul. Having God with us along the way will assure this, by keeping things in perspective.

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