What makes a person eligible to marry?

For past three years,The most common question I am facing is when will i get married? My parents brought some alliance and It didn’t work out. For these years the question I am asking to my self is what makes a person eligible to marry? If i ask this to the society the answer will be different.

Once I asked to a person who enquired me about merrage – why should I get married? The answer he has given is not satisfactory. It’s because i have a job and i am financially settled. I strongly believe that this not the reason to married. What happens i loose all these things? Should that person be with me on this situation?

In every relationship it becomes more pure and truthful when we accept the person if they have nothing… if it’s in the case of merrage its more important. We don’t have to mix it with metrial achievements.

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    1. But the family/ society may not allow us to take the decision… they are compling to marry a person they’re are selecting. Now i am facing this
      Even though my parents allowed my sister to select her partner. They same is not applicable me

      1. In fact, as an indian girl, I face even greater challenges from society… 不不不不不 Perhaps within two years such challenges will come from household too…

        1. In the case of merrage both girls and boys are not getting the to choose their partner. Both the parents and society is not ready to know if they are ready to marry or if they love someone? The difference between girls and boys is the girls face this question when they complete 20 and boys face this question after getting a job. For 4 i have been facing this question. They don’t want know my concepts

          1. Eppo thana mati thudananm. Enta sister inter religious merrage ayirunnu. Achan easy going approch ayirunnu. Amma strong ayi sisterina support chaithu. Angana merrage succes ayi nadunnu. But after my mother’s death enta karayam kurache struggling ayi. Amma illathu konde vazhi thatumo enne padi athuknde achanum sisterum vayakara strong ane. Athukonde pata avasthayane

          2. 不不不不 ammayalle oppam ellaathulluuh… ammede prayers are always there for u… chettayikk eshttamullathu pole aayirikkum life munnot pokunne… nokkikkoo

          3. Yes. Enthayalum try chayam…. oru life alla ullu athe namuda ishtathine geevikanam. Sathyathil namuda lifelak matularuda anavishyamaya kadannu kayatamane prashanam. Stereotypes oka onu break chayan patiyal thana valiya success ayirikum

  1. When we get married young, then it goes easier. As soon as we get older, then we think about every little thing and a lot of things bother us.

    1. It’s good if we get married and if it’s earlier life will be much better. But the real problem. If we have the freedom to choose our partner? Did we have the freedom to stay single if are not interested? For me the most common question I am facing for past four years is when will I get married? They don’t want to know if am interested to marry or not? They don’t want to know if i have any relationship or not….

  2. Marry only when you come across the right partner. The dating system of the West helps.
    ‘Get married when ready to accommodate the partner in your life’ was the mantra of our times. I married when I was confident of myself, financially stable, that I have become senior enough in the Army not to be pushed around and sent on outstation duties, etc.

  3. Why you ate getting married,its good question
    The answer i think is because sharing your happiness,saddness,every single seconds of our life and
    Marrage is not a good solution, we doesnt know how our life partner are
    Make your on descion,dont go for anothers opinon
    Chose your life

    1. Good merrage life depends on our luck. If we get good life partner, life is more meaningful. But if it happens opposite it will be worse.

  4. Absolutely well said! In my opinion, marriage should be a choice. It is no longer necessary that everyone marries and rises a family. It should be a choice and no one should be judged for what they have chosen to do with their lives. This post is just true!

    1. Yes. It’s totally depends on individual’s choice, whether to marry or not, about our partners…. unfortunately it’s not happening…

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